Ryan Roi is holding a tattoo fundraiser for the American foundation for suicide prevention on June 30th. There will be pre drawn designs to choose from ranging in price from 60-100$ and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the AFSP.

to book your fundraiser tattoo appointment, you must email dukkhatattoo@gmail.com limmited availability!

Ryan-“ I  suffered from severe depression for most of my childhood. I was hospitalized and prescribed lots of medication because I was suicidal and unable to see past my depressive thoughts. I’m fortunate to have received great help from doctors and therapists and social workers but the field of mental health has allot to learn and a long way to go if we are going to be able to significantly reduce to number of suicides and remove the stigma surrounding depression. Art helped save my life, it gave me a way to express what I was feeling in a non destructive way and eventually gave me purpose and a career. I want to use my art to help other people in any way I can and holding fund raisers is a great place to start.”

Ryan has been holding fundraisers every few months for charities such as planned parenthood, ACLU, the Sierra club, LGBTQ rights, hurricanes relief funds and many more and has raised over $8,000 in the last year.

Ryan-“ when Trump became President I simply saw that I cannot rely on the government to provide services and support to the causes I cared about. And rather than sit around and complain about it I decided to get into action and help out any way I can. My hope is to inspire other artists and businesses to use their talents to create the change they want to see in the world.”